The founder of MOTOR METER TAIWAN- Polo is crazy about the classic car but he found out there are no gauge replacement in the aftermarket. In order to offer the replacements for these old cars, he founded MOTOR METER (TAIWAN) in 2002 and focus on vintage style gauges. After that, he did data analysis and developed a diverse range of gauges suitable for different fields including generator, bus, truck, crane and buggy. 

In 2007, our first brand ” Motor Meter Racing” was registered, Mutual、Multifarious、Reliable as our main spirits. Through the power of branding, we hope more and more people enjoy the same enthusiasm feelings as us to gauges.


Performance gauges are all the rage

Recently, aftermarket gauges are getting popular. There are many young people starting their tuning business and the need of performance gauges is increasing day by day. In 2010, we decided to set up another brand- PREMIUM AUTO GAUGE. Now we focus on the tuning market which is qualified with higher standards. Profession, Precision, Innovation, Technology are the most important features we concerned. All the time, we got lots of positive feedback by using attractive design, Japanese stepper motor movement, brand-new package and high-specification accessories.


reliable partner

Since 2002, we keep working hard to make our high expectation on profession and quality noticeable for everyone in each of our products, actions and thoughts.
1. Professional technical service (A Self R&D Team)
2. Customize your own gauge- OEM/ODM
3. Great Product Quality (ISO9001:2015)
4. 1-year warranty (except for human damage)